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UX/UI Website Development
Project What? Why? How?
"Queer & Design" is a website focused project created to assist the solution for the lack of representation of queer voices within the graphic design community. During my experience and research of how the graphic design community embraces and expands on the notion of diversity, I believe there is an importance of voice and what this identity of being a "queer designer" means.
The broad topic of choosing a social topic in which design could provide a tool to the solution, the direction of Islamic social issues was an interesting direction yet the queer voices in design felt more personal being a queer designer myself. In doing research of queer designer spaces, I found there to be very little out there!! These were fairly new spaces with the focus of connection between queer designers, but not their stories, experiences, and thoughts about being a queer designer. Here, my focus was to look at building a space where these stories can be told.
My space was planned to be a website holding to functions of a blog and podcast space. The blog space would serve to introduce the visitors to weekly queer designers and their work, story, and passions/hobbies. The podcast would be a connected tool to be a personal recording of the designer's perspective on their identities as a queer person and as a designer.
The critique process included one-on-ones with the profession and feedback session with peers. Through these meetings, I was able to look at elements to support the navigation of my website (switching the menubar from the top to a sliding side menu bar) and a tag element for the designers to focus on the representation of what story are they telling in conjunction to their designer identity.
Along with the development of the wireframes for the website space, a visual brand was developed as well. I looked at the brand to have both elements of queer (rainbow referenced color scheme) and graphic design (wide slab serif playful type). The branding process was experimental as both the color scheme and the typeface selection was bold and vibrant where I learned how to balance yet complement these two elements.
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