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Visual System Development
Project What? Why? How?
The goal of this work is an album rebranding project, with the focus on the development of a new visual system. Jeremy Zucker is a chill, indie pop artist where his music talks topics of depression, his personal experiences, and thoughts. The album "love is not dying" was released in April 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. I chose this album because the visuals of simple photography phots felt too simple for the content and depth within the album. Thus, my beginning goal is to expand the visual system to better capture the complexity within "love is not dying."
Explorative Mind Map of Songs & Lyrics
Moodboard of video stills, album design, and inspriation
Moodboard of video stills, album design, and inspriation
Initial Sketching
Initial Sketching
I developed a mind map exploring each of the songs investigating the potential of themes, narratives, or messages which Zucker has developed within the album. Pulling out key words like "chaos, still, and beauty," I moved to a mood board collection where I looked at pre-existing music videos of Zucker, outside album designs, and outside design aesthetics which fit these key words. Generating the mind map, keywords, and mood board I started some developmental sketches of initial cover designs and beginning to think about the visual language of the whole narrative of "love is not dying."
Thinking about the idea of chaos and how to implement it within a digital design, the idea of manipulative scans came to mind. On the left hold only a few of the scans I captured during this process at my home scanner. I loved how I had control but also no control on how the distortion would come out so I was so excited to see how every scan processed.
The cover design was the first focus on how the visual language would be implemented and shown to the audience of Jeremy Zucker. Taking the idea of "chaos" through the textured scans and the idea of "still beauty" through the white details, the development of the album art grew to feature Zucker within this textured, warped chaos yet surrounded by a white, outlined, square halo. 
Above shows the progress of the tour poster graphic. I struggled particularly the type within the details of the event and how to format the type with the white vector graphics.
Above shows renditions I made on the Spotify banner. I faced difficulties within this area because of the continuity between the images used within the banner and how it related to the album art. I finalized on a banner which featured an image which complemented but not contrasting the album art. 
On the right shows the Spotify mobile player with the album art present. Through critiques and advice from classmates, adjusting the background gradient to better align with my redesign's colors would enhance and feel as those the design is part of the screen, instead of being an image placed over it.
I saw, within the visual system I developed, the potential of a image with the influence of motion due to the scans. This evolved into a series of merchandise posters promoting the 2020 tour of "love is not dying." The process here is similar to the venue poster where I had difficulty with the integration of type with the white vector designs.
"love is not dying" is an album which tells the story of and conflict within growth. Zucker, at the end, recognizes the inevitability of growth and its chaos like process, thus he accepts it and find a calming beauty within it. The visual system blends this concept of "beauty within chaos" through the combination of clean white line vectors with textured, distorted imagery. The white thin serif type and the white blend shapes support the idea of the regal yet endless process of growth. 

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